Discover Pro:Centric

Pro:Centric is a versatile commercial application platform created by LG. It is a developer-friendly platform with powerful capabilities that you can leverage to create feature-rich hospitality applications. Best of all, Pro:Centric is compatible with the programming languages and technologies you are already familiar with, such as HTML5, GEM (Java), Flash, and more, so you can choose the way that is right for you.

Let’s start by finding out the merits of Pro:Centric. 

Flash applications are NOT supported on webOS 4.5 or later models since 2019.


Powerful Application Platform

A figure that Pro:Centric is a web-centric platform.

Pro:Centric is located in the middleware of LG commercial TVs, which are specially designed for the hospitality industry. Pro:Centric supports HTML5, GEM (Java), and Flash languages to enhance developers' convenience and flexibility.

Using Pro:Centric tools, you can optimize commercial TV features to develop application designs that provide maximum visual impact and enhanced service options for customers.


Cost Reduction

The image that Pro:Centric eliminates the need for a set-top box.Pro:Centric eliminates the need for a set-top box and simplifies installation and maintenance. Without the set-top box, power consumption in standby mode is reduced because only SoC (System on Chip) and Pro:Centric functions need to be used, resulting in the reduction of running cost and hence TCO (Total Cost of Ownership). Installation and maintenance become simple as well because only power and LAN connection are required.



Pro:Centric provides connectivity features for playing contents of portable devices on the Pro:Centric Smart TV screen. Customers can enjoy audio and video from their portable devices with ease through Pro:Centric Smart TVs via a wireless connection, such as:

  • Bluetooth

  • DIAL (Discovery and Launch)

  • DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance)

  • Miracast

Application Deployment Scenarios

Pro:Centric allows both local and remote application deploying scenarios. Developers can choose the appropriate scenario according to their own situation.

  • Deploying from a local storage: Launches an application from local storage. You should deploy the application with a web server.

  • Deploying from a remote server: Runs an application from a remote server.

For detailed information, see Deploying the HCAP/IDCAP app or Deploying the Smart app.

To see the difference between HCAP/IDCAP app and Smart app, refer HCAP/IDCAP and Smart App Concept.

Hassle-free Development

When developing applications on Pro:Centric, you can use our APIs and get full technical support from the LG Commercial TV Support team. Our developer website provides a Pro:Centric HCAP library, technical documents, and forums to facilitate the development of customer applications.

Only partner developers with a DLA (Development License Agreement) can download libraries, read technical documents, and use partner forums on this website.


Pro:Centric is specialized for the hospitality industry. You can develop applications using the HCAP library, along with HTML5, Flash, and GEM (Java). The HCAP library allows your application to control the device or get information from the Pro:Centric resources. The following diagram illustrates the Pro:Centric architecture.

 An architecture diagram of Pro:Centric.

The key components of Pro:Centric are described below:


A software application for commercial displays developed with HTML5, Flash, GEM, and 3rd party applications. (YouTube, etc.)

HCAP Library

The HCAP (Hospitality Common Application Platform) library provides functions that enable you to manage device settings, hardware resources, and applications. For more information, see Using HCAP Library.


An application platform located in the middleware of LG commercial TV. The Pro:Centric platform is compatible with HTML5, Flash, and GEM.

DTV SW, OS/ Device Driver

These provide basic TV functions based on webOS and a set of resources specified for running commercial TVs.