How to Join Pro:Centric Developer Site

Pro:Centric Developer site provides various resources including the SDKs, developer guides, API reference, and support, exclusively to selected partners. Here is the process you need to go through to become a partner of Pro:Centric Developer site.




The first step you need to take is contacting the LG regional sales engineer near you. Alternaltely, you may send us an email at Once you have signed an NDA/DLA, you are now ready to proceed with the Pro:Centric Developer Site signning up. While the sign-up is straight-forward, the following instructions have been provided to help you make sure that you have done everything right!

  • While signning up on Pro:Centric Developer Site is open to all, information access will not be granted without an NDA/DLA.
  • Our policy on partner accounts is to grant access to a single account for each partner company, unless otherwise discussed and agreed. Therefore, we recommend using the company email address as ID so that it can be shared among the developers in your department. 

1. Go to Pro:Centric Developer site.


2. Click Sign In at the top right corner of the screen. 

3. Select the CREATE ACCOUNT tab. The Select Country pop-up will be shown.


4. ❶ Select your country from the drop-down menu and ❷ click CONFIRM. You will be taken to the Accept Terms & Conditions screen.

5. ❶ Read through and accept our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy. ❷ Click AGREE to create your new LG Account.


6. ❶ Enter your email address as User ID (e.g., password, and date of birth. ❷ Select whether to subscribe to our mailing list, then ❸ click CONFIRM. We will send you a verification email to your address.


7. Click CONFIRM in the verification email to complete verification.


8. Once the Account Created screen appears, go to Pro:Centric Developer Site again.


9. Click Sign In at the top right corner of the screen and sign in to LG Developer using your new LG Account credentials. 


10. ❶ From the My Account screen, enter additional information required and ❷ click Save


11. Contact the sales engineer nearest you with your LG Account ID (your email address) information, in order to acquire partner access.

Problem Encountered?

Are you experiencing a trouble while taking the steps above or have any questions related to the website?



Contact us via email at or our sales engineers in your region. We will get back to you at the earlist possible moment!